It was another weekend of wild weather for parts of the province with at least one tornado touchdown confirmed near Allan. The same systems that generated concern near Allan and Young drifted southward toward Regina and Craven where the Country Thunder music festival was taking place. Attendees were issued a “take cover” alert as storm clouds moved in. 

Storm cells rolled through the southeast portion of the province producing an unconfirmed tornado but knocking out power in the Moosomin, Wapella and Kipling areas. 

The intense heat, mixed with high humidity and upper air disturbances, sent a few more waves of wind and wet through the region on Sunday. Intense wind and precipitation were reported in the Humboldt area as a small but intense cell rolled through the region on Sunday morning. By afternoon, the cell had passed through leaving clear skies and heat in its wake. There were no reports of damage in the Humboldt area.