Distracted Driving is a bad look and a worse decision.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and law enforcement in Saskatchewan has focused its October Traffic Safety Spotlight on distracted driving and are encouraging drivers to #JustDrive when behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

"We're talking about people doing anything behind the wheel of a motor vehicle that takes their attention away from the safe operation of that vehicle," said Tyler McMurchy, Manager of Media Relations with SGI.

"Distracted driving is the number one cause of collisions on Saskatchewan roads. It's the number one cause of injuries from collisions and it's the number two cause of fatalities behind only imapried driving," said McMurchy.

Of course, phones are always a concern on the road, but Mcmurchy added that there are other situations that could warrant being considered distracted driving."There's also another distracted driving law. It's called driving without due care and reasonable consideration. So that is anything that a police officer observes that indicates that the driver is not paying the proper attention to the road. Whether they are paying more attention to passengers, fiddling with their stereo, maybe there's a dog on their lap or a messy burrito in their hand and it is causing them to not pay the attention needed to the road, you can also get the same ticket.

Penalties for distractive driving include a $280 ticket plus 4 demerits. Consiquences for multiple infractions will include the vehicle being impounded as well. 

There are some tips regarding cellphones the SGI and Saskatchewan law enforcement advise drivers on taking. Put your cellphone on Do-Not-Disturb mode, have your passengers answer messages for you, or toss it in the back seat. If you are using GPS, enter your destination ahead of time and if you drop something, don't fumble around for it. 

The main message for the October Traffic Safety Spotlight is that it only takes a second to ruin your life, or someone else's. So when driving, Just Drive.