St. Peter’s College is preparing to host its annual Opportunities Edge, set to take place on October 5. 

This event will be the first in-person offering of the event for the college since 2019. 

“It’s an in-person event offering High school students, adult learners, and the general public in east central Saskatchewan the opportunity to learn about their post-secondary options and any career options in the local area as well,” says Kayla Benoit, Student Services Officer.

Exhibitors from all across Western Canada will be attending the event, working with hundreds of students from the area to explore options. 

Benoit says they have a wide variety of local presenters and are open to allowing more to join in the event. 

“We think the more the merrier! We have about 32 exhibitors at this point and are willing to take up to 40 or so, so there is definitely room for more local companies to join us and spread the word about any career options there may be for them as well as any educational institutes in the area to sign up as well.”

Those interested in joining the event can contact St.Peter’s College by clicking here, or calling 306-682-7888. 

“I want everyone to take part and show East Central Saskatchewan that dreams really do start locally. Whether that be a career opportunity or an educational opportunity, there’s something for everybody at the fair. Let’s show Saskatchewan that dreams start locally.”