(content provided by Horizon Central Athletic Association - Brian Grest)

Each year, the Horizon Central Athletic Association recognizes the contributions of key individuals who contribute to school athletics. The HCAA Recognition Awards are typically presented at the 2022 HCAA Spring Meeting, but the meeting was held virtually, thus changing both the timeline and method for the presentations. Recipients have received their awards in a personal presentation. Follow our series on the eight worthy recipients. 

Carter Haryett (Wakaw School) 

Carter Haryett has played an instrumental role in athletics in Wakaw School for the past 12 years. While he has helped coach various sports teams over the years, the football program has been the greatest beneficiary of his dedication. Carter puts in hundreds of hours every school year to ensure that students have the opportunity to play football at various levels. He is heavily involved in the senior, junior, and pee wee football programs. He not only coaches, but does much of the behind the scenes organizing in regards to scheduling, transportation, organizing officials, and making sure the field is prepared for game day. Carter has also been the driving force behind the much-anticipated night game under the lights that has become an annual tradition in Wakaw. His dedication to the game and his players has not gone unnoticed as his teams are always one of the strongest six-man teams in the province culminating, with a provincial championship this past school year. Carter also played a role in reviving the basketball program in Wakaw School. He has helped coach various levels of basketball over the last five years and can often be seen officiating games after school. In addition to the extra time Carter puts in with high school athletics, he is also an active member in the hockey community. He officiates dozens of games a year in Wakaw and has also helped organize referee clinics in Wakaw to help young officials learn and become certified. Carter is a hard-working and dedicated coach and the students at Wakaw School have benefitted greatly from his dedication to athletics and officiating.

Nicole Unrau (Humboldt Collegiate Institute)

 In her teaching career at Humboldt Collegiate, Nicole Unrau has demonstrated the importance of athletics through her steadfast commitment to the school's athletic programs. Nicole has worked tirelessly to develop her athletes in cross country for the past five years. Nicole has also served as Humboldt Collegiate's head track coach for the past 9 seasons and has continued to grow the track program by providing top quality instruction, organization, and athlete development. She has also been instrumental in the operation of the pre-district track meets In Humboldt each year. Nicole also served as soccer coach the past school year. Nicole Unrau has also played a valuable role in developing the athletics programming at HCI. She has been the co-athletic director for a number of years, ensuring HCI is able to offer strong extra-curricular offerings to the students, finding coaches, doing SHSAA registrations, and arranging the year end awards banquet. Nicole is passionate, dedicated, and results-driven toward any involvement she undertakes in athletics. She walks the talk. She participates alongside her athletes, helping to motivate and educate them on up to date research and best practices to help enhance their athletic abilities. Nicole’s dedication and professionalism are second to none. When Nicole isn’t busy with school based extra-curricular programming, she has also helped to run a private track club in Humboldt and runs the Hershey’s Track & Field program for elementary aged students each spring.