Caleb Irwin has been an outstanding academic student at HCI through his studies there. The hard work has paid off for the 2024 grad with the receipt of a Schulich Leader Scholarship worth $100,000 to study computer science at the University of Toronto. 

Irwin will be entering the Computer Science program this Fall. Irwin was selected by Mr. David Millette for his outstanding academic achievements. This is the 5th Nominee to win a Schulich Leader Scholarship at Humboldt Collegiate Institute. 

A total of 100 scholarships are being awarded - 50 engineering scholarships valued at $120,000 each and 50 science, technology or math scholarships valued at $100,000 each. 

“We are proud to celebrate the continued success of Schulich Leader Scholarships, the premiere STEM scholarship program in Canada. This group of outstanding students will represent the best and brightest Canada has to offer and will make great contributions to society, both on a national and global scale. With their university expenses covered, they can focus their time on their studies, research projects, extracurriculars, and entrepreneurial ventures. They are the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators,” says program founder Mr. Schulich. 

Caleb says the award is a game-changer when it comes to entering post-secondary study. 

“Receiving the Schulich Leader Scholarship is a truly life-altering event. The elimination of financial stress is incredible and will allow me to devote my entire endeavors towards my education and career goals. It is an honour to join the leagues of Schulich Leaders working to improve our world.” 

In fact, Irwin was offered three Schulich Awards by three institutions vying to have him join their ranks – McGill University, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, his chosen campus. Irwin had applied to all three, and in an unprecedent circumstance, he was offered the financial award by all three of his selections. It made for a difficult choice, Irwin confessed. 

“The first one that offered it to me was McGill, and I was super-excited because it's a wonderful school. Then a couple weeks later, I was also offered it by the University of Toronto, which had been my dream school. So, it was kind of a hard choice, but after about a week, I finally committed to it.” 

Following his decision, he received the third Schulich offer from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Caleb’s decision was largely based on university rankings and the reputed quality of the computer science program at the U of T.  

Irwin says he’s very thankful for the school’s Career and Graduation Coach Paul Raycroft who led him to the Schulich Award prospect, and to his teachers for their support throughout the years.  

Mr. David Millete, the Principal at Humboldt Collegiate and nominator of Irwin had this to say, “Caleb Irwin receiving this prestigious award greatly affects not only our current student body, but also the many future students who will walk through the doors at HCI. Awards like this remind our students that they have permission to dream big and to chase their dreams. We want all of our students to strive for greatness and this recognition reminds us all that greatness can be found around and within us all.” 

Caleb is not entirely certain at this point down what avenue his studies will lead him, but he goes forward with confidence, as well as a secure financial backing, that he’ll achieve success in any area of specialization.