A local business has recently been acknowledged as an SGI High Performance Partner.

Back in 2020, SGI accreditations changed to a higher standard of safe and quality auto repair. Today, in review of their strong performance and service excellence during the past accreditation year, Humboldt Motors Body Shop has been selected to join SGI’s High Performance Partner Program (HPPP) for the 2024/2025 repair year. This makes them one of 42 accredited repair shops in Saskatchewan to achieve this status. As an SGI High Performance Partner, Humboldt Motors Body Shop ranks within in the top 20% of industry partners in the province in regard to this specific metric. 

Saskatchewan’s public auto insurer had the following to say about this thriving small town business: 

“You've earned this status because of your strong customer satisfaction scores, your ability to find more ways to repair parts versus ordering new, and your higher SGI acceptance rate with your repair estimates."


Owner Jason Bobinski took over Humboldt Motors Body Shop a mere nine years ago, where it quickly becoming both a fixture in the community and a reliable name to remember for maintenance and repairs. Staffed by a small team of journeymen and apprentices, Humboldt Motors Body Shop brings vehicles back to the manufacturer’s specifications using said manufacturer’s repair procedures. 

“We’re also BETAG certified,” Bobinski shares. “That’s a new repair procedure, quite new in the industry. We were the first ones in the province to be certified for that. It’s less intrusive of a repair to the vehicle. And of course, it’s better for the environment.”

The new BETAG equipment and certification allows for Humboldt Motor Body Shop to remove dents and straighten body panels, repairing rather than replacing.


Trusting your vehicle into the hands of the professionals at Humboldt Motors Body Shop is easy due to their commitment to uncompromised quality. Both their official accreditations and their personal connection to the members of their community shows both commitment and dedication. Approaching every appointment as an opportunity to build long term relationships, they take pride in their work, from the smallest dent to the largest restoration. And while Bobinski is rather hesitant to toot his own horn beyond the desire to look after his clients, his customers most certainly are not. One anonymous customer is quick to interject about his recent experience at the shop. 

“When I came to pick up my vehicle here, I was told ‘Hey, we accidentally cracked this part’. So, they replaced it and were totally upfront about it. I would never have noticed. I don’t know if every shop would do that, be honest and take care of it.” 


For more information about the Humboldt Motors Body Shop’s accreditations and services, visit their website, or call (306)-682-2913 to discover the difference that working with an SGI High Performance Partner makes.