Solving puzzles and solving clues to escape a locked room sounds like the plot of a spy movie or fantasy novel, and those who think they have what it takes don’t have to travel far. 

The Reid-Thompson Library is in the final stages of preparation for its escape room, an idea they have been toying with for a while, explained Branch Librarian Kate Lucyshyn.

“We’ve wanted to do one for a few years now, but timing wasn’t good with COVID. As far as I know, it hasn’t been done in Humboldt. We thought it would be something different for the kids, or anybody to do.”

Starting April 19, when the challenge opens to the public, teams of 4 can enter the room and test their problem-solving skills.  

Participants receive an hour to get out of the room, but an hour is more than enough time, states Lucyshyn.

Lucyshyn states there is quite a bit of reading involved, so kids under 12 need a parent to accompany them. 

The room is called A magical escape room, based on a popular book and movie series, explains Lucyshyn. 

There is no set cost to participate, explained Lucyshyn; the library only asks for a donation. 

Those wanting to book a spot for the escape room should call the Reid-Thompson Library at 306- 682- 2034. 

“We are just trying to provide something else for the people in the community to do that they may have seen at a larger centre.”