As is the case in many locales, residents of Muenster are challenged to find daycare spaces for their little ones, with many occupying waiting lists for permanent spots. A group of parents and forward-thinking citizens have banded together to form a new board that seeks to establish a licensed day care for the village and surrounding area. On May 9, Board Chair for the Muenster Day Care Centre Jenna-Lee Novecosky received the news that the organization had been granted its non-profit cooperative charter. 

In reality, the group has made huge strides since the initial planning stages in late 2021. Novecosky got the ball rolling by contacting other child care agencies in the Humboldt area to talk about the process for establishing a new service. As part of the planning process with the Early Years Learning Branch of the Education Ministry, the group needs to come up with design drawings for a proposed facility. Those plans cost dollars, and so the group is now launching into its fundraising campaign. 

“We’ll be having a barbecue to start because we need money to work with an architect to design a building layout,” says Novecosky, who estimates those plans will cost in the range of $6,000. 

One thing the organization won’t have to pay for is the land on which a new centre is to be built. 

The Village of Muenster has donated two lots for the construction and necessary outside play areas. The site is located near the west end of Railway Avenue. 

Novecosky became active in pursuing the centre while looking for child care services for her own child. At the time, only casual spots were available, and while an expansion is in the works for Humboldt spaces, Novecosky is among numerous parents whose work and life revolve around Muenster and its immediate area. It’s taken Novecosky nearly two years to secure part time daycare. 

As part of the application process for a new centre, a needs assessment must determine the potential for success given demand. A new enterprise would need to provide at least 30 spots, with 9 infant spots. Novecosky is confident that area demand will meet those thresholds. 

“There is such a high level of demand, not only in Muenster, but surrounding areas for parents who need more than casual spaces but can’t find them,” Novecosky says. “We submitted in our application form interest from the RMs of Jansen, LeRoy, Humboldt, Wolverine, and of course the villages of St. Gregor and Muenster.”

Novecosky and the group have been drilling into the population data in the RM, and they found those numbers to be growing. Now with the prospect of further industry driven growth, the need for affordable child care spaces is likely to be more pronounced.  

Recent funding announced by the provincial and federal governments would now be accessible given the group’s official status. However, Novecosky and community members know that there will be a lot of fundraising going on, particularly in the initial phases. That’s the reason for the kick-off burger barbecue. 

“On June 1 from 5 pm to 7 pm, we’ll be holding our first fundraising barbecue at the Muenster Ball Diamond. We’d love for everyone to come out and get on the train with us so we can hopefully start our daycare sooner rather than later.”

Those wishing to donate can note that the daycare group has been added to the Muenster and Area Donors Choice list for the year. There will be plenty of other opportunities to support the fundraising for this exciting new addition to the village.