Partner's Family Services in Humboldt along with Regional Kids First were spreading awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Wednesday afternoon.

The two groups were on hand at Humboldt Sobey's to provide expecting mothers with information and alternatives to alcohol during pregnancy.

Teryn Ulriksen, Triple P Coordinator at Partner's talked about why they wanted to hold the mocktails for mom's event.

"It's just really important to get some awareness out there on FASD, it's hard for kids to live on the spectrum or for anybody and it's really important to know what it is and what it can do to our kids."

It was also important for them to get the information out before the holidays said Ulriksen, "Christmas and New Years coming up lots of parties happen, there's Christmas parties and big cabarets and stuff and people like to go out and it's nice to have that alternative because there's so many effects that happen to our kids if we do drink during pregnancy

Informational brochures were being handed out as well as recipes for non-alcoholic drinks to serve as a reminder that there is no safe type or amount of alcohol during pregnancy.

The brochures are always available to the public at the Partner's Family Services office.

To hear more form Ulriksen in her interview with Bolt FM's Angie Dukart click below.