Warming weather means road bans are in place in southern parts of the province with areas in central and northern Saskatchewan soon to follow. As road beds soften from freeze to thaw, weight restrictions come into place to protect the provinces highways and primary grids.  

A provincial release states Road restrictions reduce allowable vehicle weights on rural municipal roads and secondary weight provincial highways by 10 to 15 per cent. During the spring thaw, these restrictions protect the surface and ground beneath these roads, which are softer and unable to handle more weight until conditions are dryer.   

Road restrictions began in the south on March 25 and will be phased in by region as warmer temperatures and longer days arrive.  

Local restrictions currently in place that are not part of the government’s spring order include access to LeRoy from the junction of Highway 6 and the village of Bradwell access from Highway 16.  

For full and updated listings of spring road restrictions, visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s information site.