It was back in 1933 that Modern Meat & Abattoir began serving Humboldt, SK and the surrounding area with local products and quality cuts. A lot has changed in those 90+ years, but the business’s commitment to providing the region with premium meat and a high standard of customer service remains as strong as ever.

“That kind of gives you a little bit of perspective,” reflects Calvin Lukan, owner-operator of Modern Meat. “You want to make sure you’re keeping up with that tradition, with the pride in what previous owners have worked so hard to build up.”

Lukan, who started working at Modern Meat in 1992, has seen a lot in his time behind the counter. There aren’t as many small farms as there once were, he explains, and the mad cow disease of the early 2000s and more recent COVID-19 pandemic created other sets of challenges.

Nevertheless, Modern Meat has not only survived through Lukan’s ownership – it has thrived. And Lukan has enjoyed innovating, adding new products and broadening his brand through meat-cutting competitions. He’s participated in King of Kovbasa for about a decade now, winning a number of Judges Choice and Best Appearance awards.


Modern Meat customers already know that when they walk out of the store on 510 Main St in Humboldt, they’ve been able to buy top-quality beef, chicken, pork, sausages and specialty items.

“We are a full-service butcher shop. We do everything,” says Lukan. “If you bring in your own beef, pork or lamb we can cut it and wrap it to your specifications. We also have about 30 different kinds of sausage available, as well as a full retail counter with different cuts, deli meats, jerky and beef sticks. Everybody can find something here.”

The meat packages are especially popular.

For example, customers can purchase a variety pack that includes sirloin steak, beef roast, lean ground beef, pork tenderloin, souvlaki, pork chops and smokies. There are seven different configurations in total, with others including items such as bacon, side ribs and rib roasts.

Additionally, Lukan will prepare the wild game brought into the store.

“We can do the whole carcass,” he says. “We’ll bone it out and make it into steaks and roasts and sausages – whatever you want done with it.”


More recently, Modern Meat has also been selling bones for dogs, and demand continues to grow.

It’s with his business going from strength to strength that Lukan is considering his own future. Thirty years is a long time, and he’s thinking of taking a step back.

“It’s kind of time to start taking a little bit more time to spend with the family if possible,” he says. “I’m not planning on leaving, as if somebody does come forward to buy the business I’m obviously willing to work for them.”

A prospective buyer, he adds, will be able to purchase everything that comes with the long tradition of Modern Meat, including his personal tips and special sausage-making recipes. He’s been the custodian of the Modern Meat name for a third of its existence, and it might be time for someone else to take on the next 30 years, or even more.

Modern Meat & Abattoir, located at 510 Main St in Humboldt, is open Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They can be reached by calling (306) 682-2512 or emailing Information about their products and services is available on their website.