This fall, Wakaw and area residents saw upgrades to diagnostic equipment at its health centre representing significant improvements to health care delivery. The Wakaw Primary Health Care Centre received a digital upgrade to diagnostic imaging equipment that will make Medical Imaging services more efficient for staff and patients.

“For a long time, we had to rely on the old, traditional method of using film to deliver these images,” said Kelly Zbaraschuk, the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Manager of Medical Imaging for the Prince Albert area. “This work involved the use of film and chemicals that are becoming increasingly difficult to source, not to mention the environmental impacts that they have. This new imaging equipment solves those challenges, and provides other significant benefits.” said Zbaraschuk.

The SHA reports that in addition to quick pictures, some of the other advantages of using this new equipment include higher quality images that are directly imported into the Provincial Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which will allow a health care provider or doctor anywhere in the province 24/7 access to any image and report;  the elimination of dark room for film processing, and chemical exposure to the staff and environment; image integrity is strengthened as there will be no on-site storage for manual film; a shorter turnaround time for the report as there is no delay in getting the image to a radiologist; and, each patient will have access to a report that is electronically loaded onto their MySaskHealth Record.

“The staff in the Wakaw facility have been instrumental in making this project a success, from the maintenance team that helped get the space ready and decommission the old processor and darkroom, to the admin staff that have stepped into a new role of admitting patients, and the great staff in the Lab and X-ray area who have risen to the challenge of new technology and are truly shining.” said Zbaraschuk. “It didn’t take long and we hit the ground running as soon as the new equipment was installed in Wakaw.”

The SHA notes that such imaging procedures are possible only with dedicated and trained staff at the Wakaw Centre and at health care facilities throughout the province. The SHA continues to support the recruitment efforts to provide such personnel throughout rural and northern Saskatchewan. 

“There are many places like Wakaw across Saskatchewan looking for CLXT’s. All of these places offer work-life balance and the SHA is a great employer. I would encourage any CLXT looking for work to view those available positions and apply today. We would love to have you.”