The Good Neighbour Store has been busy this past year donating funds to various organizations. 

“We had a very successful year. We gave away 320,000 dollars, and we held some money back as we plan on doing the outside of the building next year,” explained Gwen Saret, chair of the Good Neighbour Store. 

She says the plan is to remove all the stucco and rebuild it with metal cladding. 

“We have withheld some money and will take some out of next year's funds and get it done next spring.”

She says the store didn't face many struggles this year compared to the last two years. 

“Those two COVID years were a struggle for everybody, us included, but we are over that, and everything has gone well.”

The store is always looking for more volunteers, says Saret. 

“We could always use volunteers. We need men, somebody who has a little bit of muscle. We continue to accept merchandise, our volunteers are fantastic, customers are great, and everything is going well.”