It was a successful season on and off the ice for a local figure skater.  

Annagail Ell capped off a triumph campaign recently when she won the Provincial StarSkate Award.   

Most of Ell’s awards have been a result of accomplishments on the ice, but the Provincial Star Athlete Award is based both on the ice achievements of the skater and required three letters of recommendation.  

Ell felt the letters supporting her were an instrumental reason for winning the award. She said while reading the letters, it brought tears to her eyes.   

Another factor according to the 16-year-old was that she skated with three different clubs during the season (Humboldt, Melfort, and St. Brieux).  

She also helped with coaching CanSkate in Wynyard.   

Among the highlights during the season included a second-place finish in a provincial competition in Melville featuring a brand-new program.   

Following a couple of regional events, Ell competed in the Winter Classic, featuring some of the best skaters in the province. She was able to capture the Star Skate Championship.   

With some accomplishments, the 16-year-old will try to improve next year, including landing her jumps more consistently.   

Ell also hopes to build on her coaching resume by completing her regional, allowing her to coach kids at competitions.   

This past season marked Ell’s ninth year competing in figure skating.