Like many rural communities, Bruno is finding challenges in day care availability as more people look to becoming two income households. For single parents, the challenge of meeting day care needs has always been there. Now an industrious group in Bruno is looking to help by establishing a community child care in a town where options are limited. 

Jodi Tremel is chair of the group organizing the child care centre. A farm based mom, Tremel talked to many local parents who had the same needs as she did.

“My husband and I have three little kids that are in need of some day care, so that’s where the original idea came from. As we’ve gone forward chatting with other moms and other parents, the need is insane. People who I didn’t even know lived in Bruno need child care.”

An initial survey done by Tremel and the fledgling group found about 25 kids needing day care services. Following the survey, more names surfaced to the point where Tremel says space for 40 children is needed. 

The labour market is as tight in the Bruno area as in the rest of the province. Tremel says that there are willing workers, but those wanting to enter or re-enter the local workforce are hard pressed to do so because of no child care spaces. 

:”Local businesses are finding it so hard to find people to work in their shops and banks, but people can’t work because they do not have child care,” says Tremel. “Our local businesses, bank, and grocery store are also in need of this service.”

It’s a problem the provincial government has been trying to tackle with increased funding, but it remains up to dedicated individuals like Tremel and other volunteers to seek those dollars and the support. The first step has been to apply to the province for licensing and funding. 

“We had to create a board, create a bank account, create a non-profit organization, and now we are just running to the ground fundraising as much money as possible so we can get the process started. We’ve purchased a building, and we are now drawing up engineering plans to renovate, and once that’s in progress, we’ll keep up with the fundraising.”

The building itself is a repurposed turkey hatchery that’s conveniently located directly across from the Bruno School. Tremel says that provides a distinct advantage for parents who also have school age children. It also presents the possibility of before and after school programming. 

Fundraising is well under way. The group has sent out sponsorship packages to local businesses and community service organizations. It has hosted a pancake breakfast for the town wide garage sale and worked the concession for last weekend’s Bruno Sports Days. 

Coming up on June 18th, the committee is hosting a two-man golf scramble followed by a steak night for the public, along with a host of raffle chances. The event is still looking for entries to the golf tournament, and tickets are still available for the steak night. 

Those interested in more information, to sponsor the centre, or to inquire about tickets for the steak night, contact Jodi Tremel through the Bruno Childcare Inc. Facebook page.