With files from Jolene Gullacher

Englefeld School was the happy recipient of a grant that provided for outdoor play equipment and parts for a loose playground structure. The equipment unveiling happened at an exciting reveal event on Tuesday, June 21. 

“It is quite an honour to be chosen as one of six schools from across Canada to receive the ‘At My Best Grant’,” said teacher Jolene Gullacher. “When it arrived, my students couldn’t wait to open the box and had all sorts of guesses about what could be inside - a class pet was a popular guess.”

The box was actually laden with some of the fitness and play equipment obtained through the $1000 grant. The grant was provided by PHE Canada, its founding partner AstraZeneca, and their supporting partner, Saputo. Part of the grant would be used for purchasing healthy snacks for the students’ Play Day. The balance was destined for procuring more outdoor activity equipment, some track and field equipment, along with smaller-sized equipment like rubber javelins and lightweight shot puts. 

Gullacher salutes the supporters of the cause, saying the kids were very happy to open the box and discover the treasures inside. 

“Kids chanted ‘OPEN THAT BOX!’ as we revealed what was inside,” said Gullacher in a written recap of the event. “I explained to the kids: These At My Best kits will promote physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of emotional well-being for ALL OF YOU! You learn best when you're moving and feeling good.”

The kits came at a perfect time, she notes, given that students are heading into summer break and are looking for inspiration to move. The kits provide an incentive for imaginative play and creative movement. The program itself helps Gullacher and her colleagues deliver the Health and Physical Education curriculum. 

The kids unleashed the new play equipment as a special school wrap up treat, a surprise that will last into the new school year.