G3 is almost ready to “Play Melfort.”

The grain company’s newest elevator in Saskatchewan, G3 Melfort, is in the final stages of construction and will open later this spring.

Located southwest of Melfort in the Rural Municipality of Flett’s Springs, G3 Melfort will give area farmers more options for marketing and delivering their grain.

The high-efficiency facility is part of G3’s network across the Prairies, built to keep grain moving to market. A Super-B truck can unload its grain in a matter of minutes, saving farmers time making deliveries.

“We are excited to tell farmers about the speed and efficiency of the terminal,” says G3 Melfort General Manager Greg Claypool.

“Speed is the biggest thing. I love efficiency. If I can dump and get out of there quick, it’s great,” says Melfort-area farmer Dean Hurd.

The elevator has a capacity of 42,000 tonnes, but grain doesn’t stay in the silos and bins for long. The facility’s loop track can load a 150-car train in continuous motion in a matter of hours, keeping a steady flow of grain moving to port on the West Coast. Each train hauls about 15,000 tonnes.

“We have had lots of interest in the loop track loading system as it’ll be the first in Northeast Saskatchewan,” says Claypool.

“Having a rail loop is going to be huge,” says Hurd. “It’s more consistent money. I can contract grain and have a good idea it’s going to move in that delivery period,” he says.

G3’s state-of-the-art grain export terminal, G3 Terminal Vancouver, can receive three 150-car trains on its loop tracks and unload them all in a matter of hours. G3 Terminal Vancouver has set new records for rapidly loading grain from trains to ships. The steady, reliable flow of grain to overseas customers ultimately means more marketing opportunities for Canadian farmers.