With the excitement of a 16 team volleyball tournament raising a boisterous tumult in the background, people browsed the tables set up for the silent auction and garage sales at Mrs. White’s Fight. The event was hosted by Humboldt Collegiate staff and volunteers on Sunday, October 23. The crowd partook in the delicious Ukrainian and Filipino food offerings at the canteen while former and current students, staff, and friends of the White Family competed in the fundraising tournament. The event is to providing supporting funds as long time teacher, Jamie White, undergoes cancer treatment. Jamie’s calm and supportive approach to her students, many of whom have special needs, have made her a lynch pin for the staff. She has guided countless numbers of newcomer students to improve their language skills while tirelessly working to undertake new credentials and training. She is a beloved mother and a passionate supporter of Humboldt, HCI, and her home community of Bruno and the Bruno School.

The event was a joint effort by many at HCI and wouldn’t have been a success without the contributions of donors, volunteers and community businesses.

“We are very thankful for the business community and local people who donated to our silent auction,” said Kerri Archibald, fresh off the volleyball court. “We have over 100 items here for bidding. We have 16 volleyball teams out, and we are very thankful for those who joined in. And then to all the people who have come out to support our garage sale and canteen, to watch and bid, we’re very, very proud and thankful that we have such a wonderful and supportive community here.”

With all the excitement of raffle prizes, competitive action, and friends gathered, the one person who was not lost in the hoopla was Jamie.

“It’s all for Jamie - we’re so thankful to have her as a staff member. The reason this is happening is that she is just such a joy in everyone’s life, and she deserves this support. We wish her all the best.”

As the tournament wrapped up it was Archibald's team, Spike Tyson, who finished in first place followed by the Bitsy Spikers team out of Saskatoon. Both teams donated their winning prize money back to the fundraiser, another example of the generosity the day spawned. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this awesome event.